2017 Robotics Extravaganza

We just wrapped up our third year of robotics at St. John with the annual Catholic Schools Robotics Extravaganza.  Every year our projects get better and better.  The students built some amazing creations this year, including a fully working 3D printer built from scratch with Lego EV3 robotics components.

The 3d printer called “The Fabricatorizer” prints any color of square ring you might like:

3d Printer / 2d Plotter: "The Materializer"

Two teams built Starbust vending machines.

2017-05-06 09.45.50

The heavily modge-podged Starburst dispenser / vending machine robot:



Pinball wizards made their own robotic pinball machine, the “Extremeinator 2000”

2017-05-06 09.10.15


My favorite project from another school was this search and rescue robot for when the nuclear apocalypse happens:

2017-05-06 10.24.13