Obstacle Game

7th Grade Scratch Assignment:  Obstacle Game

Assignment Requirements:

Make a game where the goal is to move through at least two levels, avoiding hazardous obstacles (lava, spikes, fire, quicksand, arrows, boring/annoying media, etc.), to reach the end of the game and win.  Review the classic Atari game “Pitfall” for one of many examples.

Requirements include:

  1. Make an introductory stage backdrop with directions
  2. Use event broadcasting to change levels
  3. Each level should present a different type of challenge or obstacle, with negative consequences for touching the hazardous obstacle(s)
  4. Make it clear how to move from one level to the next: a door or gate sprite, or a finish line or some other visual marker
  5. At least one sprite must make use of animated costume changes
  6. Sound effects for key game events
  7. Two final stage backdrops, one for winning and one for losing
  8. Allow the player to restart after losing by pressing a key. Do not use the green flag to restart.

Challenge Features

Meeting the bare requirements makes for a pretty boring game.  To exceed expectations, implement the following:

Background Music:  Play different atmospheric background music for each level, and for the losing and winning final scenes

Respawning:  Make your obstacles or hazards go away and then come back

Variable difficulty:  Make it get harder over time.  Hazards move faster or there are more of them.

Collect things:  Add a collecting component — collect coins or power-ups or other helpful items that make the game easier, or contribute to a score.

Health and/or Scoring

Scrolling background:  Scroll background features such as a skyline, trees, clouds, etc. as a means of making it seem like your sprite is moving across varying areas or environments.