7th Grade Tech Class

Tech class has shifted to a workshop “flipped classroom” model with an even greater emphasis on classroom-supported individual working time.  Learn more about your choices here and check out the slides from our first class explaining how tech class works.


Success in tech class requires you to use your resources wisely when you are stuck or need to know what to try next.  Primary resources are this website and its accompanying videos, the Scratch website, Scratch tutorials, projects in our classroom’s Example Studio, your fellow students, and finally Mr. James, who is available during class, by email, and after school by appointment.

Current Status

Students are required to update their Office 365 profile page to reflect which tech class assignment they are currently working on.

Scratch Assignments

Before beginning, be sure you have completed all of the steps under “Getting Started With Scratch“.  Following are the initial assignments for the 7th grade tech class:

Assignment 1: Mad Lib

Assignment 2: Quiz Game

Assignment 3:  Collecting Game

Don’t worry, there will be more assignments published!