6th Grade Tech Class

6th grade students work through a series of programming assignments using the Scratch programming language.  There is one quiz on algorithms and programming concepts.  Once a student has passed the quiz, they may continue to work on Scratch assignments or they may choose to work on a 3d modeling project in support of another class assignment.

The quiz will assess students’ mastery of vocabulary introduced during class assignments, including the words algorithm, variable, string, Boolean expression, conditional, iteration, and concatenation.  Understanding the vocabulary of programming is half the battle!  The quiz also presents several short Scratch programs and asks the student to predict the outcome, or to identify errors in the program.

Students will create accounts for and submit completed assignments to the Scratch website’s St. John classroom.

Scratch account signup page

Video demonstrating account signup

Here is the “Intro to Tech Class” presentation.

Assignment 1:  Tell a Joke

Assignment 2:  Animate a Word

Assignment 3:  Guess a Number

Assignment 4: Donut Calculator

Assignment 5: Tell a Story with a Music Video, Trailer, or Advocacy Project

Assignment 6: Racing Game