6th Grade Tech Class

6th grade students work through a series of programming assignments using the Scratch programming language.  In the course of completing these assignments, students will learn:

  • Programming concepts such as iteration, use of variables, event handling, and boolean logic
  • How to edit photos, including cropping, resizing, and how to remove background elements from a photo
  • Copyright and fair use

Students will create accounts for and submit completed assignments to the Scratch website’s St. John classroom.

Scratch account signup page

Assignments are to be completed in order, but each student can work at their own pace.

Here is the “Intro to Tech Class” presentation.

Assignment 1:  Getting Started

Assignment 2:  Animate a Word or a Birthday Card

Assignment 3:  Guess a Number

Assignment 4: Donut Calculator

Assignment 5: Music Video, Trailer, or Story

Assignment 6: Racing Game