3d Modeling: Highlights of Student Work

The class of 2020 8th grade students completed a technology capstone project:  either a quest-style game in Scratch, or a 3d model of a “building of significance to their experience as a student at St. John School.”  The theme was applied to favor student interests rather than a selection based strictly on academic merit:  we have the Greenwood Taco Del Mar, the Unabomber’s cabin, and several student homes.  I required that it had to be a real building, from the past or present.

Students spent many hours creating these models, learning valuable CAD or computer aided design skills along the way.  They are now ready to help parents with a scale model for the next home remodel, land a part time job making models for an architect, or design the next generation of personal protective equipment or other useful devices.

This page includes highlights of 8th grade students’ completed 3d models.  Originally these would have been on display with other student art at the Greenwood Phinney Art Walk.  Photos are a mix of the model and the printed object.  Some printed objects still have their “support material” or scaffolding attached as this is left for the student to remove.

These students were looking forward to a class trip to Washington DC and related historical sites in May.  Many chose buildings from that trip, or buildings visited during previous trips to sites around the State of Washington.

Two different Monticellos



The White House


The Washington Monument


An outstanding model of the Supreme Court

Supreme Court Building on the print bed after 22 hours of extrusion.


Washington State Capitol Building

St. Aloysius Catholic Church

Student remarks:  When my grade visited Gonzaga in 7th grade, The design and style of the church amazed me and i wanted to make a model so i could remember the trip and making the Church reminds me of my favorite part of the trip, which was touring and learning about Gonzaga.  I learned that determination can take you a long way because i never knew about tinkercad before our project and i wanted my project to come out good and it did. Also, i learned about the structure and design of the building.


Buildings of the St. John School campus were also suggested.  Several students rose to this challenge.

Main school building as modeled by two different students


Egan Hall



Tech class assignments always favor student choice and the expression of each individual student’s creativity.  The theme was a a guideline, with the learning of 3d modeling being the objective.  Following are more diverse interpretations of the assignment’s theme, including work in support of student book talks and cultural fair projects.  These are some of the most detailed and ambitious work completed.

Exquisitely fine details are accurately portrayed on this home from a favorite television program.


Another home from the same program


A student’s home, faithfully re-created.

Another family home

And another family home


A scale model of the kitchen from a student’s home

Student remarks:  My parents were thinking about remodeling the kitchen so I made a model of it.  I learned how to use the tools in Tinkercad.


Greenwood branch of the Seattle Public Library, a destination where many students spend their afternoons.


The library and the Burj Khalifa on the print bed


Some students prepared scale models in support of their book talks

The Pantheon

Pioneer Settlements On The Ohio River

Student remarks:  I chose to print the settlements on the Ohio River because I was reading a book about them and I thought a visual representation of the main setting of the book would be valuable to fully understand the book.  I learned that the Ohio settlements had many hidden details and were specifically designed to be defensible and hold up during a siege.


Hacksaw Ridge


An homage to Kobe Bryant


Apollo 11 Saturn V Heavylifter Vehicle

Student remarks:  My grandpa worked for NASA and I decided to do my Cultural Fair project on him. But after the Cultural Fair ended I felt like I hadn’t learned enough about the rockets, so I decided to focus my tech project on the same topic.  I learned more about the structure of the Saturn V and how big it was. (It was really tall!)


The Greenwood Taco Del Mar


The Unabomber’s Cabin, a two-part assembly with a removable roof to allow examination of the cabin’s interior