Independent Study

Tech class is for all students.  The curriculum and assignments are designed to be engaging and within the capabilities of any student regardless of prior knowledge or experience.   Some students come in already having mastered most of the skills and techniques taught through the standard curriculum.  The independent study option is available for these students.

Talk to Mr. James if you are curious or interested in the independent study option for tech class.  You will need to complete one of your grade’s assigned Scratch projects at a level of Exceeds Expectations before pursuing independent study.


  • Independent study students need to demonstrate they already have the skills and knowledge being taught to the class.
  • 6th and 7th grade students will use Scratch.  8th grade students will use MinecraftEdu/ComputerCraftEdu.
  • Time in the classroom is to be spent actively working on their project.  Independent study students may work silently with headphones during the lecture portion of class.
  • Students will be able to choose from a few suggested projects or they may propose their own.  Students must have an approved project before starting work, and projects must align with middle school computer science curriculum standards and be challenging.
  • Independent study students will receive most of their feedback and help outside of normal class time as responses to their progress reports.  Mr. James’ priority during class is to assist the students working on the default assignments.

Students who fail to keep up with these expectations will return to the regular curriculum.

Independent Study Proposal

Dream up a project that expresses your creativity and interests. It should stretch your skills and challenge you to learn new things.
  • What is the general idea of your project? Is it a game, a music video, an interactive story, a presentation, etc.? An example of what to put here would be "A platformer game where the objective is to complete all three levels before the time runs out" or "an interactive presentation about SeaFair where the user clicks on pictures to learn more about each event"
  • What are the most challenging or interesting parts of the project? What are the parts that you know you will have a challenge to create or will stretch your skills and knowledge?
  • Which blocks, features, etc. within Scratch or Lua will you use in new or interesting ways? What are you going to try that you have not tried before?