How to turn in a Scratch assignment

1.  Follow your homeroom’s class studio

Our classroom page

Miss Rzegocki’s Homeroom class studio

Mr. Tice’s Homeroom class studio

Just click the above link for your homeroom and then click the “Follow” button in the upper right corner.

2.  Tell me your Scratch username

If you have not already done so, fill out this form to tell me your Scratch username:

Scratch account username

Let me know who you are on the Scratch website so I can keep track of your completed assignments.

3.  Create your project and share it to the class studio

Create your project.  Give it a descriptive name.  Do not include your name in the project name.

Click the Share button to share your project:


Click on your username and select My Class:


Click through to your homeroom’s studio, and then click Add Projects:


You will see a list of your shared projects at the bottom of the page.  Click to add your project.