Submit a 3D Printer Project

Students may submit projects to be printed on the school’s 3d printer.  Projects must either be in support of a class assignment or project, or fulfilling a need from the new St. John Problem Bank.

All students must attend a 45 minute 3D Printer Orientation session before submitting a project.  Sign up for a session here.

To submit a project, complete the below form and get your .stl file to Mr. James:

  • Middle School students with St. John Office 365 accounts must upload their file to their school OneDrive folder and share it with Mr. James.  Here is the navigation path: -> OneDrive -> Upload -> Share
  • Students lacking a St. John Office 365 account should have a parent share the file with Mr. James via Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc. and email him a link at