Minecraft Adventure Crafters

We have many students who are passionate about Minecraft and using it to express their creativity.  Many of these students have expressed interest in helping to run or administer the event.  Now we have a new opportunity for these advanced Minecrafters to contribute to the event.

Are you a modder or server admin who wants to create a quest or experience for other students to explore during our event?  Let’s unleash your creative ideas on the St. John Minecraft community!

For example, you can send other students on a scavenger hunt through puzzles and crazy structures and dungeons you create, with a goal of completing objectives you define.


It must be an interactive experience with a goal, not just a cool castle or other structure to explore.  Use of the CustomNPCs mod is required to explain your experience

Must run on MinecraftEdu.  You will need to sign a technology licensing use agreement and have MinecraftEdu installed on your computer to develop and test your quest.  Mr. James will help with this.

If you are thinking of using any mods other than CustomNPCs we will need to test them thoroughly first to confirm they work well with MinecraftEdu and our other mods.

Ideally we will use WorldEdit to copy and paste your creation into a common shared world, probably as an extension of the World of Humanities world.  You should test this on your creation.

Students will need to work independently developing their activity or quest prior to the event.

Sign up to express your interest or ask questions about how this will work:

Minecraft Quest Crafter Signup

  • What experience or quest do you want to create for your fellow students to explore?