8th Grade Study Materials

There will be at least one quiz.

You may retake the quiz.  Please submit the online Request to Retake form including your parent or guardian’s email and schedule a retake with Mr. James.  Mr. James is available to administer retakes by appointment after school May 30, 31, and June 1.

Information required to study for the quiz will be posted on this page.  You will have to click through the links on this page to access all required information to prepare for class quizzes.

Quizzes will focus on programming concepts, not how to play Minecraft.  We are using Minecraft as a tool to learn programming concepts.  The learning objective is to learn how to apply logic and programming concepts to explain or solve problems.  Quizzes will not ask questions such as “how do you turn a robot turtle into a mining robot turtle” or “how do you fly in Minecraft”.

You will need to be able to identify and know how to use the following programming instruction blocks:


Some practice quiz questions: practice quiz – updated


Iteration and Boolean Logic slides.  Please ignore the pages at the end about Truth Tables for now.  The rest of it is relevant and good to study to understand boolean logic in ComputerCraft Lua programming.