Your First Scratch Project: Tell a Joke

Your First Scratch Project: Tell a Joke

Your objective is to familiarize yourself with the Scratch environment and tools, create a simple project that tells a joke, and share it to the class studio.

How to Complete the Assignment

1. To understand class expectations, read the following pages on the Technology classroom website:
6th Grade Tech Class

2. If you haven’t watched it yet, watch this video describing how to create your Scratch account.

3.  Following the directions in the video, create your Scratch account.

4. Watch this quick introduction to Scratch to help you get started.  If you’ve used Scratch before you can skip this, but there is some discussion at the end of the video on a topic that will be on the quiz:  how the X-Y coordinate plane works in Scratch.

5.  On the Scratch website, log in and click the Create button to start creating your first project

6.  Open the tutorials clicking the blue button labelled Tutorials. Complete the “Getting Started with Scratch” and “Create a Story”. These will get you 90% of what you need to complete this assignment

4.  Go through all of the steps to create your first project, a quick conversation between two characters, one telling a joke, the other the audience.  See the requirements below for the minimum expectations.

5.  Share your project to the class studio.  See the “How to Turn in a Scratch Assignment” page for detailed directions.


In addition to everything else in the above links, here’s a video showing how to complete the assignment with the bare minimum.

Assignment Requirements

Your project must have at least two sprites, a stage background, and at least one sound effect.

Your project must start when the green flag is clicked.

One sprite must tell a joke using more than one “Say ____ for n secs”  blocks to tell the joke.
If you cannot think of a joke here are some ideas.

The second sprite is the audience for the joke, and should say one or two things in response to the joke teller, for example, “Ha ha, that is hilarious”, or perhaps a “Who’s there” when appropriate.

The assignment is not complete until it is submitted (shared) to the class studio.

You must fill out the form to tell me your Scratch username:

Scratch account username

Let me know who you are on the Scratch website so I can keep track of your completed assignments.

Exceeding Expectations

This is a simple assignment just to get us started.

You may exceed expectations by adding more characters (sprite) to your project and making it a comedy routine, or a larger audience with varied responses, perhaps even a heckler.   Expand it from one joke to a series of jokes.