Story or Music Video


Create a Scratch project that is either a music video or tells a story.


You can make a music video, tell a story, or enact a scene from a book, movie, or story.  Please closely review all media (songs and pictures) to be sure they are appropriate to the school environment.  Listen closely to every word and be sure you understand the meaning of any slang.  When in doubt, ask.

To make your project more personal and engaging, consider including pictures and sounds found outside of Scratch.  You will need to edit them before importing them into Scratch.  Pictures used for sprites cannot be simple rectangles.  They need to have extra background details removed.

Pictures for stage backgrounds should be cropped and resized to 480 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall before importing to Scratch.

There are detailed editing instructions on the “Working with Music and Pictures” page.

Submit your completed assignment to your class studio on the Scratch website.

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Your completed project must have a background other than plain white
  2. A minimum of two sprites who move and speak to act out your story or video
  3. A minimum of one song or sound effect
  4. Music must be trimmed to an appropriately brief excerpt: 30 seconds to a minute.
  5. If you make a music video, design your project to connect with the song in some way.  It cannot be a random set of sprites doing random things.
  6. If you tell a story, use sprites as the actors

Additional features to exceed expectations:

Use repeat blocks with changing color effects and/or size (under the Looks script blocks) to add some visual flair

Incorporate user interaction:  make different things happen when the user clicks on your sprites.  Under Events, use the “When this sprite clicked” script block to trigger custom interaction effects.

Gather input from the user or make the user choose which way the story will proceed.  Provide different endings to your story depending on choices the user makes.8

More of everything.  More sounds, more sprites, more backgrounds, more sprite costume changes