Racing game

Racing Game

Make a game where the player steers a sprite around a track.  Keep score and acknowledge the end of the game with a message to the player.  Make it more fun and interesting by adding features you choose from the list below.


Make a simple racing game as shown in class:

  • Draw an oval track as the stage background
  • Choose or create a sprite to be the player.  A car, a spaceship, and animal, whatever.
  • Let the player steer the sprite using the keyboard and the “turn 15 degrees left or right” block.  You can make the player have a constant speed, or make your game more interesting by varying the speed according to some rules or controls.
  • Keep track of player progress or score such as number of laps.  At the end, tell the player how they did.  This is the most challenging part of the assignment.  How will you measure progress or keep score?  In the example, a finish line appears which must be touched to score a lap completed.
  • Add a minimum of three additional features of your choosing from the below list to make the game more interesting.

Minimum Requirements

  1. Your completed project must have a background other than plain white that shows the track for the race
  2. The player controls the direction of their sprite
  3. There must be a score of some sort.  Either score how many laps are completed in a fixed time limit, or how much time was required to complete a specific number of laps.  The player should be aware of how the game is scored.
  4. You must choose at least three of the following features to add to your game to make it interesting and fun:

Hazards:  sprites appear and if you run over them something bad happens.  For example, you slow down or your sprite is “damaged”

Power-ups:  sprites appear and if you run over them something good happens, for example speeding up or getting some other advantage

Sound effects that reflect what is happening in the game, for example a sound effect when it starts, a sound effect when the game is over, sound effects for completing a lap or hitting a hazard or power-up.  These need to be based on dynamic events happening in the game and not just general background sounds or sounds played just at specific time intervals.

Make a sprite appear that tries to attack the player and slow them down, damage them, or have some other impact on the player.  You could also make this a positive effect on the player.

Add a projectile turret in the middle of the track that has a script that tries to shoot the player and slow them down or damage them.

Make your game playable by two people at once

Make animations (costume changes) for specific events in the game.  Explosions, starting, ending, power-up, etc.

Let the player control the speed with a throttle up/down control

Make different tracks you progress through with increasing difficulty levels

Additional features to exceed expectations:

More of everything: more sounds, more sprites, more backgrounds, more sprite costume changes.

Implement at least five features from the above list to exceed expectations.