Animate a Word or a Birthday Card

Assignment 2:  Animate a Word or a Birthday Card

You will choose to either make an interactive animated birthday card, or to make an animated display of a word where each letter of the word moves or otherwise changes appearance.

The Scratch project editor contains detailed step-by-step instructions on how to complete these projects.

If you want to review the presentation on pixels, positioning sprites, and the stage’s x/y coordinate system, here it is.


Go here: to start a birthday card project and here: to start a project where you animate your name.  Check them both out and choose the one that is most interesting to you.  You do not need to do both.

We will use the “Animate a name” instructions on the Scratch editor, but to preserve student privacy you will not use your name.  Choose a word — your favorite sport, adjective, your pet’s name, whatever.  No slang.

Complete the steps of the tutorial to finish your project.  If you lose them, you can always click the question mark in the upper right corner of the Scratch editor to get them back.

Don’t rush.  Take the time to make it your project reflect your creative ideas and personality.  Let your light shine!

You do not need to complete every step in the tutorial.  You just need to meet the below requirements at a minimum.

Submit your project to the class studio

Minimum Requirements

  1. Your completed project must have a background other than plain white
  2. A minimum of three sprites (including the individual letters of the word) that move or change costumes
  3. A minimum of one sound
  4. Minimum of two scripts that use “when this sprite is clicked” to perform an action when a sprite is clicked.
  5. For the birthday card, at least two of your sprites must “say” messages such as “Happy Birthday”

Additional features to exceed expectations:

To exceed expectations complete both the animated word and the birthday card and make it extra-special by choosing from the following:

  1. Include multiple scenes, each with a different stage background, and have your project tell a story that spans the scenes
  2. Created a custom animated fireworks display at the end of the birthday card.  Make a sprite that has several costume changes to animate the effect of the fireworks exploding.
  3. Add more of everything:  make every sprite do something when clicked, each with a different sound effect.
  4. Make it into a game with a score to achieve.  Get creative!