2018 Robotics Extravaganza

This year we once again represented St. John at the Seattle Prep Robotics Extravaganza.  We had three themed “teams”:

Robotic Biology

Power Glove:  at the nexus of a love for dubstep and a desire for world domination, its creator gives us the Power Glove

The Arm.  It twists, it turns, it reaches, it flings!  An original creation.

Puppy.  From the EV3 example projects, the puppy has the most complex program we’ve built to date.  Complex behavior including happy, angry, peeing, sleeping, and hungry can be managed through petting and feeding the robot via its sensors.

Elephant.  Another EV3 example project, the Elephant does an excellent moonwalk.

Follow Rulers
(the projects which closely adhered to the official Extravaganza theme and events)

Soccer Mom is our entry for the robot soccer competition.  Built using one of our new VEX IQ kits.

Sensor Ub3r responds to the events’ theme of “autonomous vehicles”.  It navigates its environment using its sensor, and only moves when it has a “passenger” seated.

Convenience Contraptions

Candy Flinger.  Put a quarter in the slot to bump the touch sensor and put the robot into motion.  A conveyor belt propels a KitKat candy bar towards two spinning wheels which will fling it to the waiting customer.

Starburst Vending.  For the price of a nickel you can solve a brain teaser puzzle to unlock a candy prize.

Here’s a short fun video from the event:

And if anyone wants more, here’s a link to all the photos and video I took at the event.